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On-Site Stress Relieving Services, LP. is a specialty industrial heat treating company offering portable on-site services to oil & gas processing facilities, refinery and petrochemical plants, power generation plants, fabricating companies, manufacturing companies, and off shore equipment companies. OSR specializes in On-site Post Weld Heat Treating (PWHT) of pressure vessels, welded structures, field fabrications and piping using portable electrical heating and combustion heat treating equipment. Services are provided for both new construction and turnaround projects.

Services Snapshot

Safe and reliable services at a reasonable and cost effective price!

  • Electrical Pre-Heat and PWHT of pipe welds in the shop or field
  • Electrical Pre-heat and PWHT of Pressure Vessel welds and round seams
  • Electrical heating of piping or structural steel for expansion
  • Gas Combustion heating for baking and PWHT of Pressure Vessels
  • Gas Combustion heating of welded fabrications in Portable Furnaces
  • and more...

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