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Project: Enpro HT 1,000,000lb Vessel

Post Weld Heat Treat Of Each Half of a 1,000,000lb Vessel Using Internal Fired Gas Combustion Heating

Each of the two vessel halves are PWHT using three 6M BTU high velocity gas combustion burners. They are fired through a temporary bulk head at the center open end into special SS tubes. The burners are used to control the temperature in three zones along the 54foot vessel section, holding a tolerance +/- 25°F at 1275°F.

Following complete fabrication, PWHT and NDT, the two half sections were welded together with a center round seam that was later locally post weld heat treated using electrical resistance heating equipment. On full acceptance, by the client, the finished reactor vessel was loaded onto a special transport trailer and prepared for shipping to the South Texas chemical plant.


Project Photo

The above vessel section was covered with temporary insulation and Post Weld Heat Treated at 1275°F with a tolerance of +/- 25°F.

Project Photo

Transportation of the Vessel on a Special Multi-Wheeled Trailer

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