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Project: McIver & Smith 118'vessel

PWHT of Two large pressure vessel’s at McIver & Smith Fabricators in Houston, Texas

OSR has become the vendor of choice for innovative post weld heat treat of large pressure vessels and fabrications. The top left photograph shows the first vessel in the process of heating. Temporary insulation is wrapped over each vessel to minimize heat loss. One of the burners is shown installed in man-way M1at the top head while one of the electrical consoles controls the heating of nozzles. The photograph below shows the second vessel, skirt and support saddles.

Project Photo

Vessel Dimensions Length of vessel Tan to Tan: 118’-0” Outside diameter: 11’-4” Vessel wall thickness: 1-5/8” Estimated weight: 360,000lb Material: SA- 516-70 A combination of gas and electrical heating equipment was used to obtain the best possible PWHT results. Two gas combustion burners were used for the primary heating, fired indirectly inside the vessel through special burner boxes and distribution tubes. Electrical heating elements supplied back-up heat to the very thick lifting lugs, high heat sink man-ways and nozzles on the outside of the vessel.

Project Photo

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