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Project: SPF Two heads in temp furnace

PWHT in of two hemi-heads in a light-weight temporary furnace.

PWHT in of two hemi-heads in a light weight temporary furnace. OSR has become the vendor of choice when it comes to innovative heat treat work in the fabrication industry. Photo on the right shows the assembly of a temporary furnace around two hemi heads tack-welded together to prevent distortion and supported above grade. Second photo on right shows the furnace frame covered with temporary high temperature insulation to prevent heat loss. The heating elements are wired back to the OSR control consoles in the background.

Project Photo

Two Hemi head dimensions: Outside diameter: 112” Vessel wall thickness: 1” Estimated Weight: 10,000lb PWHT temperature: 1200F for 1.5hrs. Heating rate 100F/hr Heating equipment 2 x 70Kw units A combination of different sized 3.5Kw heating elements are used to obtain the best heating results. These heaters are installed on the temporary insulation hearth and walls of the furnace. This allows full control and saturation of thin and very thick, high heat sink areas of the two heads.

Project Photo

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