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Project: Enpro Cat Cracker Reactor

Post Weld Heat Treat of Cat Cracker Reactor

Reactor Details Outside dia: 15’-8” Length: 45’-8” Thickness: 3-1/2” Weight: 280,000Lb Material: SA-387 G11 The outside vessel shell was first PWHT using gas fired heat without the internals at 1275F +/_ 25. It was then cut in two at the mid point. Internal cyclones, risers and other connecting pipe work were installed and locally PWHT at each welded joint. Finally the two vessel halves were welded together and a local PWHT successfully completed ready for final inspection.


Project Photo

The above vessel was covered on the outside surface with ceramic fiber insulation and stress relieved at 1275+/-25F for 3hrs -30min using internally gas fired heating equipment. To monitor and control the heat cycle, thermocouples are attached to the outside shell and wired back to a strip chart recorder.

Project Photo

Vessel being loaded onto a special transportation trailer ready to be shipped to the client in the north east of USA

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