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Project: GE Preco Gas Case

Solution Heat Treat of Gas Turbine Case Parts in a Portable Top Hat Furnace: 16 ft long x 12 ft wide x 10ft high.

A Houston specialty turbine repair shop had a special need to heat treat several gas turbine cases but did not have a furnace large enough to handle the parts. OSR Houston was contracted to assemble and deliver a portable Top-Hat gas fired furnace is 16’long x 12’wide x 10’high, with operating temperatures of 2300° The OSR on-site heat treating service not only saved the client shipping time and costs but also allowed them to dictate the HT timing, control the handling of the parts, witness the HT preparation and heat cycle as well as satisfy all HT Quality Control requirements.

After completion of a successful and rapid heat-up to 2150°F and a one hour hold, the furnace Top-Hat is quickly lifted clear of the hearth to allow the Hot Gas Turbine Case parts to rapidly cool to black heat in ambient air. Following weld repairs and NDT, the parts are loaded back into the furnace and heat-treated again at 1850°F with a longer hold and slower cool.

Project Photo

The above photograph shows the furnace Top-Hat being lowered over the two parts after T/C attachment and special coating.

Project Photo

The above image shows air quenching of the hot gas case parts from 2150°F to black heat in air as rapidly as possible.

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