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Project: Senior Flexonics

Solution Heat Treat of a 16’diameter x 14” High Bellows Ring in a round temporary Top Hat Furnace at 2075°F

A Texas based specialty bellows expansion joint manufacturer had a need to heat treat several 16ft diameter bellows rings, however no furnace was available in the area to take this unusual size. OSR designed and assembled the 20ft dia x 4’high specialty, high temperature top-hat furnace at site. Two portable 10M BTU Gas trains and burners are used for this specialty heat treat operation.


Project Photo

The photograph above shows a portable 20ft dia Top-Hat furnace with two high velocity burners set in place, each controlled by a portable gas train. The bellows ring being heated (see left) is supported on a pattern of piers to avoid distortion while heating.

Project Photo

Rapid removal of the furnace Top-Hat allows air quenching of the bellows ring assembly, cooling it from 2075°F to black heat in about four minuets.

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